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Your business needs a huge storage space for your most valuable data and so as plenty of physical space needed to set-up those servers and machines. Overcome this physical challenge by implementing virtual storage solutions.
Cloud Technology – Best Way to Manage Critical Operations Efficiently
Every business has their own challenges to run it smoothly, some of them face power issues, some of them face outsourcing issues and many more like this. But you can surely cover up all such challenges using just One Smart Solution - Cloud Computing Applications. Forget your worries of storing data or extra bills to pay for third party server operators. A single technology fits for all your business needs, be it data sharing, data back-up or data transfer. Make all your tools and customized software applications available through cloud for your employees to work from any corner of the globe. Hurry Up! Reach us now for your cloud based application developments.
Unistar Softech Private Limited– Trusted Name for Affordable Cloud Application Development Services
We understand how eager you are to leverage your business using innovative cloud based services but at the same time you also think about your investment costs. Don’t back step only for this single reason as we are here to offer most affordable proven cloud services perfectly suiting your business needs. We have already undertaken cloud app development for many reputed businesses and proved its effectiveness over ROI and Productivity. We are leading implementers of cloud computing services in pune based on our quality, timely and proven solutions. Our experienced cloud developers with strong hold over latest technologies are familiar of developing very complex business solutions using cloud technologies.
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Unistar Softech Private Limited Cloud Based App Development Process

We have successfully made our name in software industry within a span of just 8 years. We know how to design and implement fully secured cloud networking as per your technical needs. We have achieved timely developments of cloud solutions because of our following process:
• Analysis of Your Need:
It’s always fruitful for both the sides to analyze business needs properly keeping in mind business goals, objectives and ROI measures.
• Checking your Readiness:
Where your business stands in terms of technology use is of great help for us to determine the level of technology standards required for your business.
• Choosing the Right Cloud Platform: Once we have done first two steps, we move to selecting and designing right cloud platform suiting your budget and performance parameters.
• Deployment and Integration: Our developers work hard to design the cloud application of your dream and integrate it effectively to impact your daily business operations.
Reduces your Electricity Bills

Cloud application require less hardware as compare to other applications, thus it directly impacts your electricity consumption and reflects those decreased numbers on your heavy commercial bill.

Reduces Outsourcing Costs
Many businesses still outsource their application and data storage needs to external servers. It costs more to them if compared with in-house cloud developments.

No Initial Investments

When you run your business using your own servers, you need to bear purchasing, operating and marinating costs for those servers. Whereas in terms of cloud spaces its service providers responsibility to purchase, operate and maintain that cloud storage.

Reduces System Recovery Costs

When you use your own servers, you may need to buy additional hardware if your server experiences a failure. The same not applies to cloud systems, as it is very cost effective to mirror the full data.

Start your business operations quickly

Deployment time incurred by cloud services is very fast as compare to traditional applications, thus you don’t’ need to wait long to use your applications.

Saves Nature – Makes your business Eco-Friendly

Businesses consume more energy and the same ration affects carbon emission. Use cloud technology to lessen your energy consumption as compare to on-site servers energy use and lower your carbon emission.


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