Use IOT Solutions for Real Time Access to Know your Customers Better !!

Do you have a great business automation Idea in your mind, but unable to implement it in reality? Gear Up !!! IOT technology is a great option for your business challenges.
Are you aware about the term Internet of Things (IOT)?
As the word says itself, Internet – meaning that it forms network and the word Things suggest objects or devices to be used in that network. Thus IOT means Network of Objects. Objects acts as source to collect information and that information can be shared using internet so that other devices can easily access the same. For example, An IOT system comprises of sensors, talk to the IOT cloud through some connectivity, this data is then processed by software to result some action, those actions are sent to sensors and they can be adjusted automatically without the need of user. We are one of those IOT Companies who successfully developed such complex IOT solutions. Thus using IOT, you can easily operate your business / shop / showroom from any corner of the globe.
Unistar Softech Private Limited - Trusted name for building Complex IOT Applications
It's always a great challenge for any company to bridge the gap between technology developments and cost required for them. Being the most reliable IOT Services Company, we know how to develop Customize IOT solutions under your budget. We are pioneers of providing perfect consulting for your internet of things applications using our expertise in the field of IOT Developments. Many of our esteemed customers appointed as their responsible partners to operate and maintain their IOT products / services.
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Why Choose Us for your IOT Solutions?

Unistar Softech Private Limited builds custom IoT applications that are primarily driven by the ambition to make our clients more successful. Our portfolios help them derive a higher return on investment (ROI).
  • 1. We have proven experience over device management and M2M which acts as a base while developing IOT solutions.

  • 2. Being a top IOT company in Pune, we have sound relations with leading IOT Device makers.

  • 3. We helped many reputed companies to leverage their businesses using our Cost effective and quality IOT services.

  • 4. Our team comprises of talented IOT developers having great practical experience of handling IOT products.

Don’t waste your Resources in Inventory Tracking and Management

IoT Inventions reached to new heights making it very easy for businesses to automatically control inventory tracking and management. Let your personnel focus on other important business activities.

Keep Track on your Consumers Interaction

IoT devices track your consumer interactions smartly so that you can understand buyer cycle and actual customer requirements. Using this data you can easily design strong advertising and marketing strategies.

Enhance Your Productivity much beyond your Limits

IoT devices have direct effects on your business. IOT seemed to be best suit for large-scale jobs allowing workers to achieve more numbers in a fast and error-free manner.

Operate your Business Remotely

Many times it happens that you are unable to present at your business location physically. Don’t worry you can easily operate and manage your business remotely using creative IOT solutions.

Make your Workplace a Smart One

You may have heard words ‘Smart Homes’ meaning every small thing is operated smartly – automatically. Why not to apply the same for your business? Implement IOT solutions and see the higher growth graph for your business.

More Efficient in terms of High ROI

As IOT can easily boost productivity of your business, it adds more value in your ROI. It is very efficient over many business activities like Production, Operation, Management, Security etc. Contact AmpleSoftech now – a valuable resource among all internet of things companies in Pune.


Beautiful IOT Applications

Transform your Business using Our IOT Products

Don't left behind your competitors just because of lack of strong technical solutions for your business. Implement your smart strategies to beat your competitors using our impressive internet of things application. Hurry Up!! Get in touch with us now.

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