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Unistar Softech Private Limited has worked successfully with some of the best business brands, not to mention other numerous profitable entrepreneurial and start-up companies. For us, client size does not matter. We fully dedicate ourselves to provide top quality work to businesses that makes achieving maximum return on investment possible.

Meet Unistar Softech Private Limited Leadership Team – A Strong Management Team

The Unistar Softech Private Limited leadership team is thrilled to lead an amazing team of engineers. We all share a collective drive to build outstanding products, services, and support that enable us to develop experiences that deeply resonate with our customers. Our managing panel consists of people having vast experience in all aspects of IT Development.
team member
Mrs. Krishma Mistry

Mrs. Krishma Mistry provides counsel on business needs and practical applications in all programs – be it client servicing or hiring. A source of continuous inspiration and motivation, Mrs. Krishma Mistry is an integral part of our organization.

team member
Project Manager
Mr. Ravindra Mistry

As Unistar Softech Private Limited's Project Manager Mr.Ravindra Mistry is responsible for company’s day-to-day operations, building partnerships as well as leading the company’s software development and marketing strategy.

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